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I did not truely enjoy podcasting, although I thought I'd rather do that than write down answers to questions etc.

Jack Hodgson

I enjoyed working on the podcasting comments because it was something new to do.


I don't think enjoyed is really the word, but I found it O.K.

I liked listening to other peoples podcasts...and I think this will have helped me to improve my German as the more you get used to listening to German the better you get at it. (I hope!) :)

However I didn't really like the Idea of other people listening to my podcast! :3



I thought that the podcasting was good and different to anything we usually do. I think it has helped me improve in that it has helped me learn how to pronounce the words properly.I am happy to do recording in the future i dont really mind.I dont really have any ideas about recording in the future yet.


I have found going into the ict room for language has been useful because you learn differently to the classroom and the learning i find is a lot more interesting. Sometimes though for some reason the activities do not work and the computers are broken which isn't very good because we only get an hour once every two weeks. I liked recording because it is practise for GCSE'S and i hope to continue working on the recording software in the near future. The only thing I would change about the language ict room is the time we spend in there. Personally I feel as part of a gsce class we should get at least an hour a week on the computers to make lessons fun and educational at the same time.


I did enjoy the podcasting in German and would like to do it again in the future. I feel it did help me improve and would like to do it again to further my German speaking. However I think it would work better if you could work with a partner of your choice so you feel more comfortable when doing the exercise.


I did not mind doing the podcasting. I think it helped improve my German. I think it would be good to do some more podcasting in the future. For the future i think that it would be better if we could be with people we want because i would enjoy it more.


I thought the podcasts were helpful for german speaking and it would be good to do again.


i like going in the ict rooms and recording podcasts was different and interesting but i would prefer working in friendship groups of 3 or 4 because it would be more fun and its easier to work with your friends xx :)


I quite enjoyed doing the podcasts but i think it could of been bette if we were all abit more organised ,, It was much better than doing normal classwork such as copying phrases from the book and from doing ordianry exercises.Overall i enjoyed doing it ,, i think we could make it better if the teacher wrote it down in order of phrases we had to say then it would of been alot less confusing and we would of maybe understood it better.


The German Podcasting course proved to be of great use, as it required me to go over German phrases I had previously forgotten. Also it’s nice to be out of classroom now and again.


I don’t really like podcasting. I much prefer work in a proper classroom with books and writing things.


• I have enjoyed podcasting in German .
• I think it helped me improve because it was a different way of working.
• Yes, I would like to do more recording in the future.


I think that German podcasting was okay because it is better than having to write in books all lesson.


I didn't like doing the podcast, but I did enjoy listening to other people's podcasts. I am glad that we got to choose who we worked with because I felt more confident working with my friends. I hope we don't do any more podcasts in the future.


I did not enjoy podcasting it was boring and too much work. I did not know what I was meant to be learning. I would not like to record again. No I have no ideas.


Although I found podcasting slightly boring, I found it useful in bettering my GCSE German speaking grade. Therefore I would like to record podcasts in the future as I prefer it to classroom work; I however have no suggestions as to future podcasts.


German podcasting is okay, it’s something different to do rather than answers questions out of a textbook.


I think that working in the i.t rooms is good for your french as you can hear yourself when you play back the recordings.

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